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Stoetry, A Brand That Tells Heartfelt Stories

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The story behind the brand

It takes time to create brand and even longer to gain and keep loyal customers. When someone purchases and wears the Stoetry brand, they must know that it’s not just 7 letters that are put together to form a word. There was a conscious effort placed on selecting this word and what it stands for. When Gary James, the creator of Stoetry decided to go with the name Stoetry at first, we were trying to find out what was he going for. Then he explained the meaning behind the name. He said that the name came from his poetry routine and being frustrated with people trying to label what he does as a certain form of poetry. For Gary, it was much more than just poetry, more than just words that rhymes. He explains it this way,
“I really didn’t want to compare what I do to other poets. The stories that came from me sometimes catches me by surprise, to the point where tears would flow from my eyes while writing a certain story. In other words the stories are of a personal nature and I take them very seriously. After seeing what affects my poetry had on people , there was no way I could look at what i do the same way. I remember one experience when my first book came out, I read the poem,

A Star In My Sons Eyes, I was promoting my book and I had a copy in my hand and he asked if he could take a look. He went to the index and then turn to a page where the title caught his eye.
He started to read and a few minutes later while standing in the supermarket this man began to cry. He told me that he read the story about the father losing a son and it brought back memories of his son, who died from Aids a few years earlier. Right then, I realized that what I was writing was not just poetry but stories that goes deep and touched people in a meaningful way. This was a medium that I could use to reach those who felt their voices did not count. So with that in mind, I came up with the word Stoetry. I googled it and google had zero results, Google thought I meant something else and was suggesting other words to put in its place, which means that word hasn't been searched for. It wasn't till after I form the company that I see Stoetry is being used by other poets.

Beside the logos on the T shirts and the hats, Stoetry has gone back to its roots by writing the stories that had people fall in love with the brand in the first place. With the passion that flows from Gary we have no doubt that the readers of this blog will feel the care that Mr. James has for the abused ( victims of domestic violence), young men growing up without fathers and other social issue that are not readily discussed. 

The Book- A New Horizon

 A New Horizon by Gary Lloyd James

I decided to start writing about the stories in the book because of an encounter with a young lady at my job. She had heard that I wrote a book and wanted to know where she could get a copy to purchase. I told her that I had a copy in my car and she bought it from me.

A few hours had passed and then she called me into her office. She was my superior so I thought that I had done something wrong and I was going to be reprimanded until I walked in the office and saw the book on her desk.

I sat down across from her and she said that she was very upset with me. I asked her what did I do, thinking that I may have done something detrimental to the company that I wasn't aware of.

She said that she read a few pages of the book and she felt as if I didn't do the victims that I was writing about
justice. She said that she started to read and then the story ended, that she felt cheated. She told me to promise
her that I would write a novel regarding the domestic violence issue and the female victims.

It is with her in mind that I now writing the stories behind the poetry that's in the book.

That is the aim of this brand, and if we stay true to this mission, we believe people will align themselves with our message and the community will become more inclusive. So when someone is seen walking down the street wearing a Stoetry t shirt, you can say there goes someone that care about their fellow man.


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