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The Fundamentals of Networking

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The Fundamentals of Networking

Knowing the fundamentals of Networking can be the difference between you leaving the conference hall celebrating your accomplishments or thinking about giving up in the field altogether.

Meeting other people is a basic human activity in fact it is a basic need. From our early beginnings we had to socialize with others for survival. We had to learn how to get people on our side to bond together and create a unit. The main reason was for reproduction, to create a family and to pass on our genes for the ultimate strength of that family. Here in the 21st century, life is no different. We still want to be liked and we crave the attention of others as evident on social media, where we look forward to someone pressing the like button on our post.

In this fast pace world, we have forgotten the basics and what has gotten us to this point in life. So here I would like to share a few points that will help you become a better communicator when it come to the field of networking.
My first point is no surprise and it is right under our noses (above our noses), and that is:

The Eyes... Eye contact.

As the saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul. And that is so truth. Take for instance when a child has done something wrong where is the first place they look? The ground, and you as the parent would say, “look at me when I'm talking to you.”

It is no different when we as adult meet someone for the first time. We may not be looking down at the ground, but we may look over the person's shoulder instead. Looking a person straight in the eyes after meeting them for the first time says that you have nothing to hide. You are saying take a look through my window. Now if you are trying to be dishonest, by embellishing facts about yourself speaking about abilities you know you do not possess, sooner or later this person will find out and there goes a potential network partner, but worse yet, now this person have a negative view of you and will at some point share this negative view with someone and before you know it your name is mud. So do yourself a favor and start off on the right foot.

A Firm Handshake

Again this article is dealing with the fundamentals of networking. First impression are lasting, and a firm handshake is usually first element of the first impression so you have to make it count. If the handshake is not firm - believe me when I say not much else you can do for the rest of the night that will erase the feeling of holding a soft clammy hand.

In the good old days a firm handshake counted for something, deals were made, relationships were formed and real-estate were put up for collateral solely on the shaking of one's hand. So it's no wonder professionals take this act very seriously.
“If you are not firm in your hand shake, there is a pretty good chance you won't be firm on anything else.”

I strongly believe that if you should take these tips and really master them, there is a pretty good chance that the other things you need to help you on your journey will fall in place.


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