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Stoetry - A Brand Quietly Standing Out

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I was sitting on the outside of a small New York City cafe on 34 St. When I could feel eyes staring back at me. I wasn't sure if it was me who she was looking at or the guy sitting to my left. I focus my stare on her, hoping our eyes would lock, and they did.

It was then that she pointed to the shirt and gave me that thumbs up. And just like that... I fell in love with the

Stoetry brand.

Let's face it, T shirts are a dime a dozen but when you have a tee shirt that you actually look forward to wearing... It really says something about the brand. Putting on a shirt that is made from good quality material and lays comfortably over your skin, while drawing attention, in my mind that’s what I would call, " A tee shirt doing its job".

I like the Stoetry Clothing logo because it is bold yet, slightly understated. When you walk into a room you can sense that people are looking at you, and in the event when you cheat and try to take a glance from the corner of your eye, you get that awkward feeling when the eyes meet.

There is nothing like walking through the streets of New York City wearing fashion forward apparel. A Brand like Stoetry gives me that feeling of confidence knowing whatever I am doing in this great city... I will definitely look good doing it.


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