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Stoetry Suicide Awareness


A story of second changes and taking advantage of what life has to offer. 









I am acutely aware of the magnitude of this subject matter and one can even understand my apprehension for even writing this story. This story has being brewing for quite some time, in fact, I wrote the actual poem that inspired this book seven years ago.  The question could be asked, "why did it take so long to write the story?" My answer to that would be, the suicide rate — 

The hopeless of someone who is struggling with depression which ultimately drives them to take their own life has always baffled and bothered me. I refused to accept the narrative that, 
”You don’t understand what these people are going through.” And to that I would say, 
“Well make me understand, I’m willing to listen.”

Anyway you choose to look at it, suicide, is the final act— there is no coming back from that one. It is even more puzzling when the person that commits the act is a celebrity who doesn’t leave a note behind to give a reason as to why they did what they did. Our human straight-forward way of thinking would tell us that the person went through hardship and was unable to cope and they just had it — and made the decision to check out. We have seen through the public eye (without knowledge of the intimate details) celebrities who seemingly have it all together, having jobs that the rest of the world could only dream of, decides to exit the world. Contrast this with other person who is born with no arms and no legs, but yet, this person is a motivation speaker who goes around encouraging others to become better version of themselves. Hence the challenge we now face to understand why. Because what we thought we knew, has been turned on its head creating new questions that requires a more collective human interaction with those who are battling these thoughts on a daily basis.

This book was written to simply have that talk — howbeit from a slightly different angle. We have to make a consorted effort to keep having this conversation so those with suicidal thoughts know they are not alone. Far too often we see in the media where  the situation is played out announcing the latest news of another person ending their life, this news will spin for a few days then it’s off to the next one. That in itself sends a message to the potential victims that you are only relevant for this length of time even when you have exited this world. 

My hope is that the story which lives within the pages of this book, will be enough to have someone look at life from a other viewpoint, and come out with different questions than the ones that has already been asked.



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